Christine J. de Carteret is a creative coder and prototyper based in Denver, CO. She works professionally as a front end developer, building and debugging responsive, mobile-first web applications and themes. Christine has 2 years of agency experience, having worked for both IMM and Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Boulder, CO. Aside from web development, Christine is also an emerging new media artist who seeks to create new modes of sensing and interactivity using code/electronics, visualization techniques, and analog fabrication methods.

At the core of her work, Christine is passionate about understanding the human component of innovation and advocates for an empathetic approach to the design of interfaces and experiences. As a result, her work explores the communicative and expressive potential of emerging technologies and materials. How can digital tools be used to create more meaningful experiences and allow us to share more powerful messages? How does code participate in and propagate humanity?

She has received an MA in Emergent Digital Practices at the University of Denver and a BHA in history and architecture from Carnegie Mellon University.